Transitions in Mathematics Education

ICME 13 (July 24-31, Hamburg, Germany) proposes a plenary panel on “Transitions in Mathematics Education”.

The schedule for the panel did not allow full discussion of issues. So, you can find more details on the panel’s work (press the “READ” button above) and/or directly join in on raising and discussing relevant issues. (The forums may be accessed on the right side of this page, and also via the buttons following “READ” at the top.)

You can also download the slides of the panel here.

  • Ghislaine Gueudet (France) – Chair
  • Marianna Bosch (Spain)
  • Andrea diSessa (USA)
  • Oh Nam Kwon (Korea)
  • Lieven Verschaffel (Belgium)

The “Transitions” panel on the ICME website

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